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Revenue management is a systematic way to increase profits by using pricing and inventory controls in ways that are consistent with superior customer service. When demand exceeds supply, revenue management helps companies identify the potential customers that will provide the most profitable sales. Sometimes, this means letting a current sales opportunity go by in order to be able to accept a later sale for a higher value. When supply exceeds demand, revenue management helps companies identify profitable ways to stimulate demand.

Revenue management for hotels is not about charging the highest rate. For example, hotels can earn far greater revenues and profits over peak periods by increasing the average length-of-stay of their guests, rather than by increasing their rates.

Increase Profit

  • Tailored, Low-Cost Revenue Management Capabilities That Increase Your Revenues and Profits
  • Patented, Proven Technology Generates Higher ADR, Greater Occupancy, and More Profits
  • Improve RevPAR from the First Night of Use – 6-15% Revenue Increase

Save Time

  • Multi-Property Revenue-At-Risk Alerts Guide High-Value User Actions
  • Just 15 Minutes/Day to Review and Control the Performance, Rates and Controls
  • Quick Scan Across Properties With Advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards

Beat Competition

  • Proven to Outperform Competing Revenue Management Systems by 36%
  • Improve Revenues and Profitability Across All Properties
  • Competitive Rate and Performance Data Enables Intelligent Response to Competitor Actions

Critical Information

MaximRMS delivers critical information and tools to executives, managers, and analysts throughout the hotel organization:

  • High-level overview of operating performance and competitive results for General Managers and Property Executive Staff
  • Quick Scan across properties with advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Total transparency, control and advanced analytical functions at the most detailed level for Revenue Managers and Analysts
  • Group sales availability within the sales and catering system (S&CS) for Group Sales Managers
  • Quick access to key performance details and guidance for Property Managers
  • Long-range performance, scanning, and planning tools with flexible roll-up across properties for Regional or Corporate Executives

Revenue management has been used in a variety of different industries, including…

Variety of Different Industries

Is your pricing out of control?

Are you considering implementing revenue management for your own company?
Or have you already started your revenue management journey and need
guidance to take it to the next level of revenue and profit improvement?

Partner with MaximRMS. We can provide:

Revenue Management Opportunity Assessment
Intensive evaluation of your industry, competition and your company to map out the optimal path to take advantage of revenue management principles and technology to increase your revenues and profits. The result is a concrete plan covering IT, people, processes and systems to take back control of your pricing.

Revenue Management Audit
Comprehensive evaluation of the systems, people and processes you currently have in place for pricing and revenue management. The result is an unbiased assessment of your current status, a gap analysis to your competition and where you could be, and concrete recommendations to move forward.

Revenue Management Implementation Support
MaximRMS can help your revenue management journey at every step of the way.Just getting started? Need to make some big changes? Deploying new systems? MaximRMS can develop the design the organizational structures, detailed processes and job descriptions, supporting systems… even help with hiring the right people into the right positions.

Revenue Management Systems Development
MaximRMS has been a world leader in revenue management technology for over 25 years, and can design, develop, deliver and support custom tailored dynamic pricing and revenue optimizing systems to meet your exact needs. All delivered on-time, on-budget, producing significant revenue and profit increases.

Independent Hotels, Resorts & Boutiques

Independent Hotels, Resorts & Boutiques

Tailored Revenue Management Solutions Increase Your Revenues 6-15% By Optimally Controlling Your Rates In Every Market, Every Channel.

Learn How You Can Profitably and Easily Compete in Today’s Market – Using the Resources You Already Have and In Less Time Than It Takes You Now!

  • Patented predictive analytics generate optimal rates and controls that increase your revenues 6-15% with largely the same costs, so most of that falls to the bottom line as profits
  • Any type of property, 40 to 5,000 rooms, budget to luxury, short to extended stay – you get a tailored solution that matches the features and complexity of your hote
  • Comprehensive training and support that guides you every step of the way so you always know what to do to maximize your revenues every days

Get your free expert consultation with experienced revenue managers who understand the challenges in today’s hotel environment and can evaluate and guide you to the best revenue management solution for your needs.

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Chains, Brands & Management Groups

Customized Revenue Management Solutions Increase Your Revenues 6-15% Across All Brands and Hotels, In Every Market and Every Channel

Learn How You Can Profitably and Easily Compete in Today’s Market – Better Leveraging Your Staff To Understand and Implement Revenue-Generating Strategies Quickly and Easily!

  • Patented predictive analytics increase your revenues 6-15%, focusing your time on the most profitable actions
  • Executive and action-oriented dashboards give big-picture perspective with detailed micro-controls to generate the maximum revenues
  • Rapid deployment and comprehensive training and support ensure maximum ROI

Get your free expert consultation with experienced revenue managers who understand the challenges in today’s hotel environment and can evaluate and guide you to the best revenue management solution for your needs.

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Chains, Brands & Management Groups

Revenue-at-Risk Action Manager

Revenue-at-Risk Action Manager

Brand New Revenue-At Risk Action Manager Makes Sure You Always Work on the Highest-Value Issues For Your Hotel, Chain or Organization

Patented Predictive Analytics Generate Automated Alerts So You Can Optimize Your Hotel In As Little As 15 Minutes Per Day!

  • Get automatic alerts of potential revenue-eroding situations across all your properties
  • Sort alerts by property, date, type or revenue at risk – depending on your process, your needs
  • Make sure you’re always working on the highest-value activities

Find out today how your hotel or organization can streamline your activities, make sure your revenue managers are always focused on the highest value-added activities, save enormous amounts of time every day, and dramatically increase your revenues and profits.

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Revenue Management Technology

Patented Predictive Analytics Technology, Proven to Increase Revenues 6-15%, Seamlessly Integrated Into Your Systems

Whether You Want to Upgrade With Advanced Forecasting and Optimization, Sell Your Own Custom RMS, or Sell Innovative New Products – Maxim Can Quickly Adapt and Integrate State-of-the-Art RMS Technology!

  • With over 3,000 clients around the world over 25 years, Maxim delivers proven predictive analytics technology
  • Rapid prototyping and agile development deliver custom-tailored solutions to your exact requirements quickly and reliably
  • Extreme depth of Maxim’s technical and mathematical expertise has led innovations in the revenue management industry since its inception

Get your free expert consultation with experienced revenue managers who understand the challenges in today’s environment and can evaluate and guide you to the best revenue management solution for your needs.

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Revenue Management Technology

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Revenue Management Systems

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